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'Nice-looking place, isn't it, Captain?' Simmons asked with elaborate casualness, looking through the port. 'Rather a paradise.' He yawned.

'You can't go out yet,' Captain Kilpepper said, noting the biologist's immediate disappointed expression.

'But, Captain—'

'No.' Kilpepper looked out of the port at the rolling meadow of grass. Sprinkled with red flowers, it appeared as luscious as it had two days ago when they had landed. To the right of the meadow was a brown forest shot through with yellow and orange blossoms. To the left was a row of hills, coloured in contrasting shades of blue-green. A waterfall tumbled down one of the hills.

Trees, flowers, all that sort of thing. The place was undeniably pretty, and it was for that reason that Kilpepper distrusted it. Experience with two wives and five new ships had taught him that a lovely exterior can conceal almost anything. And fifteen years in space had added lines to his forehead and grey to his hair, but hadn't given him any reason for altering his conviction.

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