A Girl Called Honey


The gal they called Honey... because that’s the way she was — sweet and soft and warm and lovely. She was the sweetheart of all men, but she wanted one man alone to love. And so Honour Mercy Bane, fresh out of Kentucky, mothered Richie Parsons, a spineless, senseless, soulless creature, AWOL from the Air Force. Strangely enough, though he had nothing, he gave her something — something to fondle, caress, and hold to her heart. You see, harlots are human, too... Two great writers have combined their talents to produce a powerful novel which will hold you enthralled to the very last word.

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Her name was Honour Mercy Bane and she was thoroughly confused.

She was a very beautiful girl. If she had been in New York, sitting at a table at Twenty-One with a whiskey sour at one elbow and a wealthy escort at the other, she would have been a good deal more beautiful, or at the very least a good deal more spectacular. Beauty, despite the histrionics of a handful of hysterical poets, is more than face and figure, more than eyes and lips and even teeth, more than breasts and thighs and buttocks. Beauty consists also in the trappings of the face and figure.

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