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Ed McBain, author of the best-selling 87th Precinct novels, now takes you in a bold, new departure of a novel that will make you laugh, cry, and tingle with the special brand of electrifying suspense that only McBain knows how to generate. Downtown Here are every readers brightest, glittering fantasies and blackest nightmares about the Big Apple: big-shot movie producers, muggers with the instincts of Vietnamese guerrillas, cops who arrest the mobsters who embrace you, thugs who tie you up, beautiful women who take you into their limousines, beautiful women who try to drive their stiletto heels through your skull, warehouses full of furs, jewels, and other valuables, smoky gambling dens in Chinatown, ritzy penthouse apartments, miserable dives... Michael Barnes has only twenty-four hours to survive the wildest ride in his life.

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Michael was telling the blonde he’d never been in this part of the city. In fact, he’d been to New York only twice before in his entire life. Hadn’t strayed out of the midtown area either time.

“But here you are now,” the blonde said, and smiled. “All the way downtown.”

She was wearing a smart tailored suit, gray, a white silk blouse with a stock tie. Briefcase sitting on the empty stool to her right. He figured her for someone who worked on Wall Street. Late business meeting — it was now seven o’clock — she’d stopped off at the bar here before heading home. That’s what he figured.

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